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Raw Golden Honey (Pty) Ltd and Caban Investments Limited have joined forces in giving clients and associates an opportunity to invest in the sustainability of the Honey industry of our country.

There has been numerous reports about certain players in the industry that have been diluting honey by adding sugar. In a recent clip on Carte Blanche, there was a manufacturer that was tested positive for 60% of added sugar in their products as a way to reduce the production costs.

Raw Golden Honey prides itself in the fact that its partners are reputable and sincere local beekeepers who focus only on Quality Raw Honey in addition to maintaining the Sustainability of the South African Honey Bee.

Raw Golden Honey has doubled its turnover year on year due to its commitment to Quality Price & Sustainability.
South Africa is currently importing 70% of the honey consumed in the country and consumers are growing more weary of imported and irradiated honeys, hence the opportunity to reinforce and boost the local honey economy.

This presents an opportunity in developing an industry for the following reasons:
* Reduce the importation of honey;
* Create entrepreneurs in the industry;
* Increased food security;
* Skills transfer;
* Creation of jobs.

Caban Investments is recognised as a leading Venture Capital company in South Africa and in the UK. Caban has the honour of being noted as such when it became a founding member of the VC Club in London and is featured on the Mayor of London’s website. The company won innovator of the year in 2016 for its unique business model.

The opportunity is to invest as low as R5, 000 and obtaining shares in this growth industry. The investment will be managed by the Caban Group. The benefits of being a shareholder is as follows:

*You can expect a return of investment in excess of 25% per annum. Caban has a track record of far exceeding this return;
The investment is secured by the Caban Group;
*As a shareholder, you will get 15% discount on all your Honey purchased from the company;
*You will be recognised as an individual that wants to reduce imports from China and is willing to help entrepreneurship in our country. If investors want their shareholding in the company private we will respect that;
*It will demonstrate that your passionate about job creation and long term food security and sustainability in our beloved Country.

This is a win-win situation for targeted parties. If you’re interested, please send a no obligation email to dave@caban.co.za. We will then send you a Private Placing Memorandum with more details on the opportunity.

Dave Romero (Group CEO of Caban)  &   Ashley Epstein (CEO of Raw Golden Honey)


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Ashley Epstein

Hi, my name is Ashley Epstein and I am a honey addict. My addiction recently worsened and became so good that I started selling honey to all my friends and family! Today, Raw Golden Honey proudly supplies Raw Honey countrywide to sweetness lovers of all kinds. Thank you for visiting our website, Honey :) PS: To get in touch for for some delicious raw honey in your area, email me at ashley@rawgoldenhoney.com


Lynette · August 30, 2018 at 10:57 am


Can one invest at a later stage as I don’t have R5k at the moment. I do not like all these import from China…

Ayanda Mkhonza · August 30, 2018 at 8:48 pm

I am an individual who prides himself on Raw organic honey consumption and use. An advocate of sorts. This seems interesting. I’m interested in the investment opportunities, and would like to know more.

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